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We Need Complete Streets and Transit, Jobs that Break the Cycle of Poverty, Safe Food and Transparency

1. We need to encourage walking and cycling to help increase physical activity and prevent obesity. To do this, we need to have policies on transportation that encourage walking and cycling for daily travel. Completes Streets are streets that are designed for everyone, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and transit users of all ages.  A bill […]

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Ending Food Deserts in Clevo, Decreases in Childhood Obesity, New Food Label, and a Fermentation School Bus

Some good food news in Cleveland and in childhood obesity. Also info on a new food label and the need for independent sources, in science and beyond… 1. Everyone should check out this Kickstarter about the Farm Food Program at Case Western Reserve University’s Farm.  The FFP will provided jobs to Cleveland residents to help grow […]

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Weekly Update: Free Lunches for Low Income Schools & Junk Food Banned, Food Chains film, GRAS lawsuit and more!

The past few days I’ve started working on an article. It’s a large endeavor and I’m not sure I’ll even finish it, but right now I am still working on it. For now, a few interesting bits from around the internet.

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